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PLD-LMA-02: PLD-LMA-02 Lost model alarm (louder)

Yes, this device is Spektrum compatible.

For 4 cell / 5V systems

Compact and light weight lost model alarm. Compatible with PPM, PCM and Spektrum receivers.

At only 7.5g weight even with 150mm of lead this is a light weight gadget that is a huge time saver.


AU$21.00 , Sold out

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PLD-SCC1: Battery Odometer

NOW DISPATCHING: the backlog is clearing and we are now taking orders and dispatching

A sophisticated device that measures the battery capacity being drained from your receiver packs (or small park flyer power pack) and provides detailed data on the state of the power.
Perfect for A123/LiFe packs which cannot be reliably measured using the normal voltage sense alarm systems.
Download the user-manual


AU$49.00 , Sold out
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