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PLD-BAC-55C: PLD-BAC-55C, Compact edition

Now in full production, replaces the BAC-55

The BAC-55C is a compact revision of the BAC-55/004 1A class linear regulator for small gliders using 2S lipos with a 7.3V low voltage alarm. Specifically designed for the DLG community, coupled with a loud buzzer (which becomes even louder when installed due to resonant cavity effect). The PLD-BAC units have been powering DLGs for years now and are very popular amongst the community.


AU$27.00 , Sold out

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PLD-BAC-ESJ6: PLD-BAC-ESJ6, Combo BAC and ESJ (5.5V)

Replaces the PLD-BAC-ESJ, slightly larger but has more features and is lower priced

Combines 1A linear regulator, low voltage alarm and electronic switchjack / charge-port all into a single compact unit. Ideal for small gliders.


AU$35.00 , Sold out

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PLD-BAC-ESJ6-LMA: BAC ESJ + Lost model alarm (5.5V)

If you take the existing BAC-ESJ6 and add a lost model alarm facility, you end up with the PLD-BAC-ESJ-LMA.

The BAC-ESJ-LMA (BEC Alarm Combo) has been made as small as possible but still packed with needed functionality and now provides LED and audio indication of battery status, lost model alarm and most significant of all, now an electronic switchjack and charger combo port.


AU$38.00 , Sold out

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Yes, this device is Spektrum compatible

All the existing features of the normal PLD-BAC-55 but with the addition of a lost-model-alarm capability too.

The BAC-LMA-55 replaces the existing BAC-LMA-004 unit. The 55 revision has an output voltage of 5.5V compared to the 5.0V of the 004 unit.


AU$31.00 , Sold out

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PLD-BEC-1A: Simple 1A BEC for gliders (5.5V)

If you are wanting is a simple 5.5V 1A capable regulator/BEC with excellent decoupling, low noise and light weight (4.6g including wires!) then the PLD-BEC-1A is the device for the task.


AU$15.00 , Sold out
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