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BLTNYL-3X25MM: Nylon Bolt - 3 x 25mm

These nylon bolts are commonly used to hold on wings or landing gear on aircraft so that they deliberately break before the wood/plane breaks. For most smaller planes, 3mm bolts are more than sufficient to hold.

These bolts can be coupled with the matching 4 pronged blind nuts to provide a strong and secure assembly.

  • Material: Nylon plastic
  • Diameter: 3mm metric thread, 5.5mm Philips head.
  • Length: 25mm (thread) + 2.5mm (head)
  • Weight: 0.3g (each)

AU$0.49 , Sold out

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GWRGP003: Retracts for models like MM P51

GWS has FINALLY revised their main gear retracts. The new revised gear are much stronger than the proginal blue ones. Reinforcements have been added to the weak areas and is now made of a tougher plastic as well. The main gear diameter is now 0.10 inches. They say it can be used up to an AUW (All up weight) of below 35 ounces.

AU$12.50 , Sold out

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MAGNET-5x2-N45: 5x2mm disc magnet (N45)

Ideal for hatches. These round magnets only need you to drill a 2mm deep 5mm diameter hole, much easier than trying to cut out a square recess.

AU$0.55 , Sold out

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MAGNET-5x5x1-N45: 5x5x1mm N45 magnet (single unit)

We have these strong magnets in stock primarily for the purpose of hatch magnets or control-rod connectors. Some people have used these for CDR type brushless motors, though we have never used them for that ourselves.

  • 5 x 5 x 1 mm
  • Triple coated
  • Nickel finished
  • N45 Rated
  • GAUSS 2100

For planes like the QFII, we recommend 4 magnets (at the rear) combined with a 2mm CF rod offcut at the front.
The Seether requires at least 10 magnets (4 rear, 4 middle, 2 front).

AU$0.39 , Sold out

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NUTBLIND-3MM: Blind nut, 3mm (metric)

4 Pronged blind nut for 3mm bolts. Matches with the 3mm x 25mm nylon bolts also sold here.

  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Height: 6mm
  • Weight: 1.3g (each)

AU$0.39 , Sold out

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NUTBLIND-4MM: Blind nut, 4mm (metric)

4 Pronged blind nut for 4mm bolts. Matches with the 4mm x 25mm nylon bolts also sold here.

  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Diameter: 15mm
  • Height: 8mm
  • Weight: 2g (each)

AU$0.39 , Sold out

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PLDCH08x15: Plywood control horn 8x15mm

Commonly used on small parkflyers and DLGs (such as the QuickFlick II), these lightweight controlhorns are easy to install requiring only a 8mm x 0.5mm slot.

  • Base width: 8mm
  • Horn height: 15mm
  • Ply thickness: 0.8mm

AU$0.25 , Sold out

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PLDCH12x20: Plywood control horn 12x20mm

Slightly larger than the 8x15mm plywood control horn, these 12x20mm horns are suitable for models up to speed-480 class models such as pylon racers and 3D where there is a lot of strain on the horns.
With 4 positioning holes you can get the leverage you need.

  • Base width: 12mm
  • Horn height: 20mm
  • Ply thickness: 1.5mm

AU$0.35 , Sold out

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RETRACTS-GP10: .10 size retracts from GP

These are .10 size Non-Rotating Mechanical Retracts from Great Planes. Ideal for small electric powered and .10-size glow powered aircraft.

AU$17.00 , Sold out
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